As indicated by their name, drag radials have a radial carcass designed to maximize off-the-line traction by using a soft compound and a reduced tread depth. I would also recommend going with the /60/ Bigger isn't always better when it comes to drag racing. The objective is to get the lightest tire possible. Most of the guys that were doing drag radial on the fk8 were using these, same tire a lot of the awd gtr guys would run if not doing full slicks. Drag radials for race day with Toyo. The Proxes TQ DOT drag radial* was designed to help muscle cars and street machines transfer power to the ground. The nitto drag radials come in /35/ You could run these on the stock 19" wheels that are used on the front. The overall height/diameter would be the same.

Drag Tire Size Chart Drag Tire Size ChartPhoenix Racing Tires are the choices of champion drag racers because of consistency and long life Tire Size Chart. Original Ginger triple8s are good for road, but if @vblkwng is looking for a drag set up, they are not the right thing, imo need a softer sidewall so that. Drag radials for race day with Toyo. The Proxes TQ DOT drag radial* was designed to help muscle cars and street machines transfer power to the ground. Rooted in cutting-edge design and engineered for unmatched performance, our wheels promise durability, precision, and style that stand out. Trusted by racing. I had /50/15 bf goodrich drag radials on my eg6 k20/k24 with hp and they worked fine, no fender roll or rubbing. Although I do have my shocks on full. Products · M&H Racemaster MHR94 Drag Slick Tire, /W · Hoosier Drag Racing Front Tire, / · Firestone 17s or 18s with a taller sidewall will help with straight line traction. If you want to maintain good cornering you might look at tread 'race' tires such as. in drag racing circles. 33'' x 15'' draglite weld rims & M/T drag radials. NOTE: Because we make so many parts, we are unable to stock. We make it easy to buy tires online. Our price includes FREE shipping to the local Service Provider you choose. Find the right tire at komsadmin.ru Hoosier Drag Radial 2 P/40R $ Hoosier Drag Radial 2: This has been one of the most used tires in the Audi RS3/TTRS game giving some of the best. Not on my ram but I run a 55 15 mt et street drag radial. I have ran the pro and the byas ply et street as well and this is my opinion. The drag radial.

You are going to get that wander with drag radials, they have a thin soft side wall that generates that condition. I would suggest a Hoosier 30 18 if you. Expect around k miles out of them if you floor it alot. You can get 10k out of them with casual driving. If all 4 tires are the same side. M6s' with drag radials,the little ten bolts don't last long at all. A4s' with drag radials typically don't abuse a little ten bolt. Since you have a 98 that has. Depends on how sticky the tires are. If they are real slicks you will get them dirty and likely ruin them. If they are just road tires then you are OK! Drag Tires · / Phoenix Rear Slick · /W Phoenix Rear Slick · /W Phoenix Rear Slick · / Phoenix Rear Slick F I am stuck between the Hoosier /50/16 and the M&H /55/16 racemasters. These tires are going on stock pyo's btw. I am afraid that the /50/16 will be too. Drag radials, as their name implies, and best for drag racing and aggressive straight line driving. The reason for this is because they have a softer sidewall. Hoosier produces purpose-built bias ply drag slicks and drag radials that are reliable, fast, consistent and affordable from the professional racer to the. The prices of used drag racing tires at komsadmin.ru range from $ to $ for one tire. For the set of 4 used tires the price is about $ But follow our.

Nitto Tire specializes in high performance radial tires for street and competition use, which are engineered to outperform standard drag racing radial tires. Slicks require a certain amount of wheel speed at the launch to approx. Every time we have changed to radials we saw more mph due to less rolling resistance. Get the ET Street Radials. The ET Streets are just DOT approved slicks. They have a little bit of grooving, enough to be DOT certified, and are like ice in the. the best for tires is to have about mm offset on a 9 to 9 1/2" wide wheel. they're hard to find. you can get your stock wheels widened an inch to. if your just going for street racing, definitely go for the 26x10x15 mickey thompson et streets, just like rsxracerbk04 said. They are the ultimate street tire.

Drag Wheels – Holeshot Wheels Each style is available in Matte Black or Grey radials are sold but the wheels I still have One Piece Wheels with Modern. Can't wait to get to the track and watch the baddest drag racing action in the country? We've got you covered with a complete list of events that go all year. drag radials optimized for this model and wearing its logo on their thick sidewalls 18 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Hellcat Drag Wheels Rims OEM Dodge SRT. We're a company born out of the retail tire business. Along the way, we had an idea — Help automotive manufacturers and dealers grow their business by. Family owned since , Raceline has been a market leader in the design and manufacturing of wheels for off-road, street and track use. Founded more than Tires and Wheels, Drag Racing Tires for sale on RacingJunk. This group is for 33'' x 15'' draglite weld rims & M/T drag radials. Call us at

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